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Whiteside Mountain, NC Loop

January 4, 2014

Whiteside Mountain (4,930')
Round-trip: 2.5 miles
Elevation gain: 600 feet

The trail to Whiteside Mountain was icy and cold, and our views were constricted by thick blowing fog. We were able to snare glimpses of the cliff faces as we neared the summit, the highlight being the view from just below "Fool's Rock."

We followed the steeper, right trail to the summit, though it really wasn't difficult. Since this section of trail is such a popular tourist destination, the trail switch-backed up the slopes, with wooden stairs in places.

We took the opposite, easier trail down from the summit. The highlight was the endless string of icicles lining the rock face. This ice was just the bottom of large ice sheets above us, where some roped ice climbers were enjoying the winter conditions.

This was a unique mountain and worth the trip, though it would be nice to see it again on a clearer day.

North Carolina Sunset