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Appalachian Trail Section Hike: 2015 Halfway Point

Shippensburg Road to Sunset Rocks Trail

May 30, 2015


9.1 miles, there and back

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Some of the most pleasant miles of Appalachian Trail lie not far from my house, angling through Michaux State Forest along easy-walking ridges covered in thick groves of mountain laurel and rhododendrons. Today's hike from Shippensburg Road northward coincided perfectly with the peak blooming of the mountain laurel bushes. It also took us past the 2015 halfway point of the trail.

"Place a penny for your half way wish."

The mountain laurel flowers lit up the woods with shades ranging from white to deep pink.

This whole section of trail is "vintage" hiking path: not rocky, and not on a road, just a shoulder-width trail winding through the woods. We turned around at the junction with the trail leading to Sunset Rocks, and retraced our steps back to Shippensburg Road.

Vintage A.T. hiking.